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Cutting Mat Black in A0, A1, A2, A3 and A4.

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The black cutting mat is available in five different sizes: 
Cutting Mat A0 (120cm x 90cm); (46" x 34")
Cutting Mat A1 (90cm x 60cm); (36" x 24")
Cutting Mat A2 (60cm x 45cm); (24" x 18")
Cutting Mat A3 (44cm x 30cm); (18" x 12")
Cutting Mat A4 (30cm x 22cm); (12" x 8").

The cutting mat has five different layers, the two outside layers are self-healing and the three inside layers are made from recycled materials and give the mat support to withstand cuts. With this construction the self-healing cutting mat is durable and maintains its quality and regenerating feature for a long period of time.

The cutting mat has two different sides. Each side has a different color as shown in the pictures. The craft mats on this product page are black on one side and beige on the other side. Each side is featured with a handy metric grid with measurements in centimeters and degrees. This grid stays well visible and usable even after intensive use.